A young person can become anything they want! The Hatay Surf Center, a collaboration between Support to Life, Mellow Turkey, and the New Initiatives Platform Association, brings surfing to young people in Samandağ for free.

Support to Life (STL) has become one of the founding partners of a free wave surfing center for adolescents in Hatay, together with the New Initiatives Platform Association and Mellow Turkey. STL is assisting the Hatay Surf Center in building its capacities in child safety, monitoring and evaluation, safety, security, and health. Additionally, STL contributes to the center's efforts in localization and institutional and individual resource development. Through this partnership, STL aims to enhance the well-being of young people and improve long-term access to livelihoods in Samandağ.

Starting from June 24, young people will heal through sports in the wave surfing lessons, getting to know their potential by taking the waves behind them. This year, the first seeds of wave surfing tourism in Hatay will be sown thanks to this center.

The Hatay Surf Center aims to inform 11,000 young people aged 13-16 living in the Samandağ and Defne districts about surfing. Approximately 1,000 young people will receive beginner-level wave surfing training, and 20 of them will be trained as surf leaders, contributing to Hatay's surfing potential.

The center, aiming to raise generations connected with their roots, themselves, and nature, embraces the missions of protecting nature and promoting local development along with surfing. All fieldwork is conducted under strict policies and procedures in child protection, gender equality, disability inclusion, safety, security, and health areas.

Supported by many different stakeholders from the private sector and civil society, the Hatay Surf Center continues its journey with supporters who share the same hope of revealing the potential of both the country's youth and a hidden geography.

It is also possible to support the Hatay Surf Center individually, which contributes to the rebuilding of life in the earthquake region by supporting young people.

Click to support - https://fonzip.com/hayatadestek/kampanya/hatay-in-donusturen-dalgalari

Click for detailed information in Turkish and application about the Hatay Surf Center - https://www.hataysorfmerkezi.com/



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