Support to Life

We are an independent humanitarian organization founded with the principle aim of helping disaster affected communities meet their basic needs and rights. We are conducting our activities since 2005 with principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence and accountability. Currently, our primary areas of work are Emergency Assistance, Refugee Support, Child Protection in Seasonal Agriculture and Capacity Building.

Our Programmes

Our Principles


Victimization of individuals and communities need to be eliminated regardless of geography. The aim of humanitarian aid is to protect people’s health and wellbeing and provide a future suitable for human dignity. We support life with an ideal for a peaceful living, with an intercultural outlook. We look out for every individual’s access to equal aid and rights.


Humanitarian aid needs to be independent of political, economic and other bodies of power. We plan our interventions according to our own needs assessment analyses and identify our priorities in supporting life without involving political, economic or military interests.


Humanitarian aid is provided solely according to need; there is no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or nationality. We support life solely on the basis of rights and needs with no discrimination among those in need.


Humanitarian aid needs to remain neutral in conflict situations and stay clear of political, nationalist, religious or ideological discussions. We do not take sides in any of the conflict zones we operate in and focus on basic needs and rights.


Humanitarian aid actors and their actions need to be accountable to all actors including individuals, communities, partners, donors and states. While we support life, we remain aware of our responsibility to be accountable.

Domains of Intervention

Emergency Assistance

We work to address basic needs in humanitarian crisis situation and provide assistance to cover nutrition, shelter, heating and hygiene needs.

Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction

By means of delivering disaster-risk trainings, we aim to increase disaster awareness in high-risk areas and minimize the risks.

Education Support

We set up tent classrooms and deliver educational materials for children who were cut off from formal education during the disaster period. We ensure the continuity of activities by providing trainer trainings.


With our livelihoods programs, we aim to enable disaster-affected communities and individuals to access sources of regular income and lead independent lives.

Capacity Building

We lead capacity building and coordination activities focusing on disaster risk reduction and response so that individuals, communities and institutions are prepared for disasters.

Awareness Raising

Drawing from the experience we gain in the field, we do awareness raising work to defend basic rights of vulnerable communities and positively impact relevant policy making.


We hold information sessions and refer disaster-affected individuals to services. We provide support to help them overcome physical and psychological impacts they experience.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

We work in crises areas to reduce health-related risks and provide access to clean water and hygiene products.

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