When was Support to Life established?

Our association’s origins date back to 2005, and it obtained its official legal status in 2009.

Where is Support to Life Headquarters?

The address of our HQ office is as follows: Cenap Şahabettin Sok. No: 42 Koşuyolu Mah. 34718 Kadıköy/İstanbul.

Does Support to Life have offices in other cities?

While our HQ is in Istanbul, we have representation offices in Diyarbakır, Hatay, Adana, Kayseri Mersin, Mardin and Şanlıurfa.

Does Support to Life have operations in other countries?

When urgent needs arise due to various disaster situations, our association conducts operations in Turkey and its surrounding region.

How does Support to Life do its work, what are its principles?

Our association’s activities are guided by humanitarian standards and principles that are based on universal values. These principles are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence and accountability.

Our priority in disaster preparedness and risk reduction is to prioritize participation and strengthen grassroots coordination in order to maximise the local capacities. When it comes to responding to natural or man-made disasters, we prioritize assisting the most vulnerable – those who suffer the impacts the most.

In this vein, as Support to Life, we define our mission as helping disaster-affected communities and individuals meet their basic needs and rights, and acting in accord with universal humanitarian principles while doing so.

What kind of operations does Support to Life conduct?

Support to Life currently has four main programs:

  1. Emergency Assistance
  2. Refugee Support
  3. Child Protections
  4. Strengthening Civil Society & Networking
Does Support to Life provide educational scholarships?


How can I learn more about Support to Life's work?

You can follow our social media accounts, subscribe to our mailing list to receive our quarterly newsletters, or send an e-mail to [email protected] for additional questions.

How does Support to Life identify who to provide assistance with?

We conduct needs assessment studies in our field locations in accord with international methodologies and principles. With these analyses, we aim to ensure maximum efficiency with our use of resources and provide assistance to the as many people as possible, starting with those with the most urgent needs.

How is Support to Life financed?

The projects we implement to fulfil our mission are funded by national and international funds and grants. Our other financial sources consist of member fees, voluntary contributions of legal or real persons, fundraising activities or campaigns organized in accord with charity collection regulations. Our association does not accept contributions coming from sources that pose the risk of harming its independence, neutrality and credibility. We pay close attention to other legal entities we procure goods or services from and maintain a minimum standard against discrimination, violation of human rights, sexual abuse and environmental protection. For furher details, you may visit our web section on Accountability.


How do I subscribe to your mailing lists?

You can simply send an e-mail to [email protected] and request a subscription. Alternatively, you can share your contact info from the dedicated section ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ in our website.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can send an e-mail to [email protected] to cancel your subscription.


How may I become a member of Support to Life?

You can will in the membership application form on our website and submit your application. Your written application will be processed by our board of directors within 30 days and you will be notified with regard to the decision. Following the confirmation, the members are registered in a dedicated registry. In addition, to legal or real persons who financially or otherwise contribute to our organizations activities may be given an honorary membership.


Is it possible to volunteer for Support to Life?

We are unfortunately unable to accept volunteer support for our emergency assistance, child protection for general security reasons. However, we would be happy to receive voluntary support in administrative or managerial domains and are willing to hear your experiences. You can use this link to post a volunteer application.


Where can I find your job ads?

Our open vacancies are posted on or For general applications, you may use the Join Us section of our website.

How is your recruitment process handled?

Our main purpose during the recruitment is to recruit the right person for the right position. Depending on the position, we have at least 2 and at most 3 rounds of selection process. The first interviews are handled by the HR department and candidates are evaluated with respect to their qualifications for the position and their relationship to our institutional culture. Candidates deem fit for the position are shortlisted and these lists are submitted to corresponding managers. This is followed by a second round of interviews with the participation of managers. The final stage of selection consists of reference checks – after which a formal proposition is made to the successful candidate. Additional technical tests and evaluations are conducted for some of vacancies.

How do you identify your pay grades?

One of our primary HR goals is to make sure our pay grades are fairly distributed across different positions within our association. We have a predefined ranking of positions based on a job evaluation study. Other criteria that guide our identification of pay grades are education, experience, language skills and similar.

I had an unsuccessful application with STL in the past, will this affect my future applications?

No. Each application is evaluated as an independent case.

What are my career opportunities, once I start working for STL?

All our vacancies try to make use of our existing HR resource primarily. In this regard, once a vacancy is opened, internal applications are evaluated in accord with our “Career Management Policy.”

At what stages of the application do you correspond with the applicants?

Only shortlisted candidates are invited to the interview process. Following an interview, a positive or negative response is given usually between 2 to 3 weeks. If a candidate that had submitted an application through one of our online portals is excluded from the interview process, she/he will receive a notification through the portal. E-mail applicants, on the other hand, do not receive a notification of this sort.


How may I donate to Support to Life?

You can support our activities through a one-time donation or regular donations.

For this;

  • You can visit our page and donate using your credit card.
  • You can make a donation via bank transfer to following accounts.


BankFinansbank A.Ş
Account HolderHayata Destek Derneği
BranchBebek Branchsi – 901
Account N.46849836
IBAN NoTR39 0011 1000 0000 0046 8498 36


BankFinansbank A.Ş
Account HolderHayata Destek Derneği
BranchBebek Branchsi – 901
Account N.46262601
IBAN No TR55 0011 1000 0000 0046 2626 01


BankFinansbank A.Ş
Account HolderHayata Destek Derneği
BranchBebek Branchsi – 901
Account N.46262605
IBAN NoTR44 0011 1000 0000 0046 2626 05


BankFinansbank A.Ş
Account HolderHayata Destek Derneği
BranchBebek Branchsi – 901
Account N.63851013
IBAN NoTR02 0011 1000 0000 0063 8510 13
Is it possible to donate using my phone?

Yes, if you have a Turkey-based GSM provider, you can type HAYATADESTEK and send it to 8071 via SMS, after which you can give your confirmation by writting EVET in response to the message you receive. By doing so, you will become a regular contributor with a monthly contribution of 10 Liras charged to your account.

Can I donate from abroad?

For foreign donations, you may use your foreign currency accounts, or you can use your credit card* to donate from

* We are unable to receive donations with American Express Card.

How are my donations used?

Your donations are channelled into our Refugee Support or Child Protection programs through our community centres, or are used for related field or management operations. All our donors have the the right to inquire whether their donations have been used appropriately, as prescribed by “A Donor Bill of Rights” to which STL is a signatory.

Can I receive a statement for my donation?

Our donors are able to request a receipt for their donation. Apart from this, all our donors receive a written thank you letter for their support.

Do I get a tax reduction for my donations?


Are non-monetary contributions an option? (Clothes, stationary, food-items, etc.)

You can donate unused furniture or non-food items. Providing these to our beneficiaries is one of our priorities as prescribed by humanitarian standards. Apart from these, we are unable to accept second-hand furniture in donations since our logistical capacities in terms of transport and storage are limited.

How can I / my institution assist Support to Life in terms of fundraising?

Together we can initiate corporate social responsibility projects, or launch fundraising campaigns. You can become one of our charity runners and you’re your own fundraising campaign prior to a marathon. You can also purchase “special occasion” cards to celebrate an anniversary, a birth, or similar.

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