“Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate”

February 27th that found its place in calendar of international special days under leadership of the European Union has been celebrated as World Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Day since 2014. Purpose of this special day is to inspire more active participation in the civil society sector and encourage expansion of cooperation NGOs establish among each other and with public and private sectors. As a member of the civil society sector we celebrate this special day of all civil society stakeholders on the occasion of February 27th in this period when we stand up to conditions of a global pandemic.

As Support to Life we target supporting especially local civil society stakeholders and define one of our main activity areas as ‘Capacity Building’. Because we see a participatory, inclusive, and coordinated local civil society pattern as the building block of a successful and sustainable humanitarian relief.

In April 2020 we added a new effort to our capacity building activities towards the NGOs. In the scope of our project partnership with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) we supported 10 local NGOs until the end of 2020. We built capacities of these NGOs active in raising awareness, protection, Social cohesion and peaceful co-existence areas in terms of their financial affairs, procurement, human resources management; conflict resolution management, project cycle management, child safeguarding, basic principles of protection in humanitarian relief, and standards of core humanitarian standards . Following this process when we directly experienced how successful cooperation increases efficiency and effectiveness, we decided to carry our cooperation a step further.

In 2021 once again in cooperation with the UNHCR, this time with the approach of a consortium we are aiming at building capacities of a total 12 local NGOs. The civil society partners that we offer training and mentorship support in areas such as finance, procurement, accounting, child safeguarding, social cohesion and peaceful co-existence, protection and core humanitarian standards give services to refugees in need in 11 different cities. Thus our experience and expertise that we transfer in the scope of the project expand to a broader area through local partners, contributing to a more effective civil society base. Also this cooperation model that come forward to support and extend power of localization plays an effective role in establishing a closer bridge between host community and refugees.

On February 27th World NGO Day we would emphasize the importance we give to civil society solidarity by mentioning names of these consortium member local NGOs:

  • El-Bir Social Aid Association (Konya),
  • Afghanistan Hazaras Culture and Solidarity Association (Trabzon),
  • Afghan Refugees Solidarity Association (Kayseri),
  • Cappadocia Women Solidarity Association (Nevşehir),
  • Earth is Home International Solidarity Association (Ankara),
  • Smiling Faces Solidarity Association (Erzurum),
  • Hayata Anlam Katanlar Association (Samsun),
  • Himaye Association (Kırşehir),
  • Maya Association Solidarity (Mersin),
  • International Psychosocial and Education Association (Batman),
  • International Youth Solidarity Association (Mersin),
  • Tokat Association for Struggling Against Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse (Tokat).


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