A New Step Towards a Peaceful Life

Migration, Woman, Story
Accessing education or carving out space for self-expression and becoming financially independent can be difficult things to achieve for women, especially refugees. Vahide has been struggling for years, but she is no longer alone. Fifty-year old Vahide* lives in Hatay, Turkey, with her three children. She fled Idlib in Syria four years ago. Before that, she spent her childhood in Lebanon and Syria due to her father’s job and never went to...
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Legal Status of Ukrainian Asylum Seekers in Europe and Turkey

Insight, Migration
The world is faced with another refugee crisis of the last century. The number of Ukrainians who had to flee their country in just two months approached the number of Syrian refugees. Support to Life is trying to make the necessary responses against this major humanitarian crisis. Let us take a brief look at the legal status of Ukrainian refugees in Europe and Turkey, what possible developments can unfold on this issue. Situation in...
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Keeping Baby Sena Alive

Humanitarian Aid, Migration
Being a humanitarian worker sometimes means supporting empowerment of an individual while sometimes it means striving to keep a soul alive. Lokman Amaç, social worker in Diyarbakır province in eastern Turkey, tells us how he supported 3 month-old Sena in her struggle to survive. I am Lokman Amaç. I am working as a social worker at Support to Life Diyarbakır. As the operating partner of the international humanitarian organization Diakonie...
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