We aim to ensure that refugees in Türkiye have access to their basic rights and services.
I We carry out community-based protection efforts for refugees in our community centers with activities aiming to strengthen the individual and contribute to social cohesion; We provide one-to-one support and information services to refugees in our individual protection efforts with a focus on case management. We carry out activities such as vocational courses, on-the-job training, we support in the process of obtaining work permits; we contribute to employment within the scope of livelihood support projects implemented in order to produce long-term and permanent solutions to the needs of the refugee community.

Online Support

We provide online support about activities of Support to Life Association. You can follow our activities, access information content, join in our seminars, classes, and programs through hayatadestek.online web site we activated in Turkish and Arabic.

Click here to access hayatadestek.online web site.

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