According to data, there are about 2 million child labor in Turkey. More than 400,000 of such children that are mostly worked in heavy and dangerous labor work in seasonal agriculture that the International Labour Organization describe as ‘one of the worst states of child labor’.
In all areas that we are active in the scope of our child protection program, we aim at decreasing and removing risks that children might be faced with. With our efforts in this scope, we aim to reach out to refugee children that have to live in unfavorable conditions in seasonal agriculture that is one of the worst states of child labor; that are devoid of basic rights such as education, growing up in a safe and healthy environment, accommodation, development; and that have to migrate from their country due to the Syrian crisis and are faced with violence, neglect, and abuse because of this migration.

How Do We Do It?

We are 'Advocating' Children's Rights

We aim to create awareness on the issue of child labour and encourage all authorities and stakeholders to act upon it.

We Organize 'Round Table Meetings'

We organize round table meetings that bring together all stakeholders such as public authorities, civil society actors, academics and syndicate representatives.

We Run Field Operations

We run field operations in seasonal agriculture areas where children have to live in disaster conditions, organizing activities that will contribute to their education.

We Deliver Employer Trainings

Through trainings, we encourage grove and field owners to adopt farming practices in decent social conditions and inform them about employers rights and responsibilities.

We Inform Families and Employers

We visit the families and employers of child labourers. We inform them about the rights violations child labour entails and about children’s development.

We Build Internal Capacity

We constantly improve our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct and harmonize our programs and principles with child protection perspectives. We support other institutions in increasing their child protection capacities.

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“Child labour is defined as a child’s involvement in dangerous activities that may impede a child’s cognitive, social or educational development. In Turkey, the crucial age is defined as 15. Legally, children under 15 cannot be workers.”

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