The report 'Mapping Local Civil Society and Coordination Networks in Earthquake Response and Recovery' prepared by the Local Humanitarian Forum (LHF) presents a holistic view of the role, good practices and challenges faced by civil initiatives located in Adıyaman, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya in the response and aftermath of the February 6 earthquakes.

Following the 6 February Earthquakes, members of the Localization Advocacy Group (YGS), including Support to Life (STL), established the Local NGO Humanitarian Forum (LHF) to help integrate local civil society institutions and civil networks into the international humanitarian coordination structure.

Having identified the needs of local organizations, LHF representatives continue to work in 4 centers in Adıyaman, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya.

Hosted by STL and co-secretariat of STL and Civil Society Development Center (CSDC), LHF has 73 members at the national level and a wide communication and stakeholder network at the local level, including CSOs and networks working in the four provinces most affected by the earthquake.

The report, prepared between June-October 2023, maps local organizations, civic initiatives, solidarity groups and local coordination networks active in the 4 most affected cities. This mapping exercise aims to showcase the strength of local civil society, identify their common needs and seek ways to promote their impact at the local level.

The report also shares role of LHF in localization efforts and the LHF’s future plans.

Click here for the full report.




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