We would like to share with you two videos we have prepared in order to support the mental and physical development of children. The 'Peer Bullying' video we prepared for children and the 'Positive Parenting' informative video that we brought to the attention of parents/caregivers are now live on our Youtube account.

What is peer bullying? What should you do if you have been bullied? In this video that we have prepared for use in the Psychosocial Support Program, we aim to help children recognize bullying behaviors and raise awareness of what can be done in case of peer bullying.

What is positive parenting? What are the principles that parents or caregivers should consider in their relationship with their children? In this video that we have prepared for use in the Positive Parenting Program, we aim to introduce parents to the positive parenting approach, and to raise awareness of attitudes that support the development of children.



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