Support to Life has been healing lives of people affected by disasters since 2005 with your support. In order to ensure our activities are continued, create a donation campaign now and become a part of healing.

The donation campaigns you can invite your friends and family to donate can be diverse.

On your birthday you can receive donations instead of gifts, celebrate your wedding anniversary by collecting donations. You can accept revenues of activities you would organize on any topic such as yoga class, home concert, and soap making workshop as donations or choose to be motivated to that swimming race or run you set your mind on in company with donations. Who knows, you can request your friends and family to make donations instead of bringing you “baby shower” gifts for your unborn baby. Your donation campaign is limited only with your creativity!

Now you can start an individual or corporate donation campaign and invite your social circle to donate at donation page that would be created especially for you* and with the revenue from this page help us access hundreds of people affected by disasters.

All you have to do is to fill in the gaps in the address and expect approval e-mail from us!

Create a Campaign

*Every donation received at the donation page on your name will be deposited directly on the association’s account and every donor will be sent a thank you certificate by the Support to Life via e-mail.

Other Ways to Support

Run to Support

You can support our work by running in marathons.

Buy to Support

You can support us by buying our special day cards for your loved ones.

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We are working for a world where people are more resilient to disasters.
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