Support to Life Individual Protection Activities

As part of our Individual Protection activities, we deliver assistance through valuable cooperation with local authorities and Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation. We provide information to refugees regarding their rights and duties, as well as access to services such as health, education, registration, legal consultancy and social assistance. We follow up on a case-by-case basis and pursue solutions whenever refugees are having difficulty accessing key services, or refer individuals to relevant institutions. STL’s Individual Protection Programme is funded by European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid with the support of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.

Through our case management offices, also known as Support to Life Hubs, we offer the following services:

  • Information and awareness-raising sessions on basic rights and services.
  • Referral, accompaniment, transportation and translation services to persons in need of support for accessing services.
  • Support to vulnerable individuals such as children, elderly, people with disabilities or health conditions in order to meet their special needs.


Emek Mh. Barış Blv. Güney Sanayi Evleri No:49 Seyhan

t: +90 (322) 432 77 61


5 Nisan Mh. Medine Blv. Öz Dicle Sitesi No:1 Bağlar (Namık Kemal Lisesi karşısı)

t: +90 (538) 733 92 05


Narlıca Mh. Atatürk Cd. 95. Sk. Levent Apt. No:3/1 Antakya

t: +90 (326) 221 63 76


Halkalı Merkez Mh. Demirkapı Cd. No:72 Küçükçekmece

t: +90 (212) 697 54 34


Selçuklu Mh. Melek Hatun Sk. No:44 Melikgazi

t: +90 (352) 347 70 77


Cumhuriyet Mh. 803 Sk. No:18/B Kızıltepe (Kızıltepe Mardin yolu üzeri Sosyal Yardımlaşma Vakfı yanı)

t: +90 (538) 733 87 65


Mesudiye Mh. 5122 Sk. Dış kapı No:5/A Akdeniz

t: +90 (324) 336 35 31

Şanlıurfa Akçakale

Fatih Sultan Mh. Abdullah Gül Blv. Öğretmenevi yanı

t: +90 (538) 733 87 60


Devteyşti Mh. Süleymaniye Cd. No:166 Haliliye/ŞANLIURFA

t : +90 (538) 733 87 61

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