As Support to Life since 2005 we have been realizing many national and international humanitarian aid operations remaining loyal to global principles and working to be a pioneer institution in our field. In order to take stronger steps to that aim we are inviting you to become our member to discuss and find the best ways to support life together.

We are eager to do our best and create change for a more equitable world with the support of your membership. In order to send your membership application to our association you can fill out the pre-application form at the end of our information letter.

For more information you can e-mail [email protected] address.




Every real and legal entity with the capacity to act, that adopted and willing to work towards realizing purpose and principles of the association and carry the conditions foreseen in regulations have the right to become a member of this association. However, for foreign real persons to be members they must have the right to reside in Turkey. This condition is not valid for honorary membership. Decision on written membership application is taken by board of managers of the association in 30 days the latest and applicant is notified of the result in writing. Applicants whose memberships are approved are registered on the relevant book. Also real and legal entities who serve the association physically or outright, providing moral or material benefits can be granted the title of honorary member with decision of board of managers.


All members have the right to leave membership of association by giving written notice. The process of leaving membership is considered to be finalized when resignation letter of a member is received by the board of managers. Leaving membership does not remove the obligation to pay accumulated dues.


Conditions that require getting removed from membership to association.

  1. Breaching association’s regulation,
  2. Consistently abstaining from duty,
  3. Failing to pay membership dues in six months despite written warnings,
  4. Disobeying decisions taken by association’s bodies,
  5. Having lost the conditions to be member,
  6. Breaching moral principles of the association and acting and behaving violently towards other members.

In case one of the conditions given above is detected, the member is removed from membership with decision of the board of managers. Members that leave or are removed from membership are erased from member registry book and cannot have any claims on the association’s properties.


  1. Association members have equal rights.
  2. Every member has the right to participate in activities and membership of the association.
  3. Every member has one vote at the General Assembly.
  4. In case member is a legal entity, chairman of the board of managers or an assigned representative uses the right to vote. When chairmanship or representation duty of this person is completed, the person that shall vote on behalf of the legal entity will be selected again.
  5. Honorary members do not have the right to vote.
  6. The amount of annual dues payable by members is determined at General Assembly. However, the membership due is 240 TL unless changed by General Assembly and annual due in advance is payable outright on the date of membership.
  7. Members are obliged to abide by provisions of law and regulations, board decisions, fulfil duties assigned by the management board, pay dues timely, act according to purposes and principles of the association, protect and enhance reputability of the association’s legal entity, and abstain from attitudes and behavior that would complicate realization of such purposes and principles.

*From the relevant clause of Support to Life Association Charter.

Pre-Application Form

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