Support to Life is Established
IRAN – Bem Earthquake
We initiated post-disaster rehabilitation and needs assessment activities following the Bam Earthquake of 2003. These were continued until 2007.
PAKİSTAN - Kashmir Earthquake
We conducted disaster response activities following the earthquake. These were continued with rehabilitation activities until 2010.
Emergency Response Operations
We distributed in-kind food aid to disaster-affected people in the region. We worked together with the local population to remove the debris resulting from landslides. We installed safety shelters on road sides and built water paths. We planted 95.500 trees to the disaster-affected area.
Food-for-Work project enabled us to receive support from the local population in order to access the villages the roads of which were obstructed due to landslides and heavy snowfall.
Community Centers, Schools and Tent Classrooms
After the Kashmir earthquake we built 15 community centers with special areas for women and children, and we built 78 temporary schools and 100 tent classes for 2000 children to avoid training breaks.
Temporary Shelters for Women
After Kashmir Earthquake thousands of women lost their livelihood support and was left with no income. We established temporary shelters that reached out to 238 women who had lost their husbands and had to secure income for the family.
Access to Clean Water
We delivered community-based health and hygiene trainings in disaster areas where access to clean water and insufficient sewage infrastructure are serious risks. We reached out to more than 3000 families with the trainings we delivered to 12 femal health professionals.
Kashmir, Disaster Risk Management Rural Areas
With the project implemented in 16 villages in the rural we established 16 Disaster Management Commitees with 160 village volunteers, through whom we provided basic information on disaster preparedness, risk mitigation and respons to thousands of people.
Life Skills with Youngsters in Tarlabaşı Community Center
In Tarlabaşı Community Center located in Istanbul, We delivered life skills sessions for youngsters between ages 11 – 16 with the title «I love life». The content focused on violence, discrimination, awareness raising on risks of alcohol or drug abuse as well as methods of coping.
Disaster Management Portal for Disaster Preparedness Project
We established a network in which partnerships could be formed in potential emergency response operations and institutions actively working in disaster management and humantarian aid could communicate and collaborate.
HAYDİ Humantarian Aid Initiative Began Its Activities
The aim of HAYDİ initiative was to generate qualified human resources able to respond to disasters in Turkey and its surrounding region and bring together individuals that can take part in emergency operations professionally.
August, Support to Life Becomes an Association
Marmara Flood
Targeting the population affected by the flood, we distributed hygiene packs consisting of general / personal hygiene products and household furniture for prefabricated housing units.
Elazığ Earthquake
Following the Earthquake of March 8th we conducted a needs asssessment and as part of disaster response activities distributed NFIs such as hygiene products and kitchen appliances.
Giresun, Disaster Risk Assessment Activities
Community-based Disaster Risk Assessment Training Project» We delivered trainings in various districts of Giregün and their surrounding villages. The aim was to identfy and mitiage the risks. Following the trainings, a regional hazard map produced and vulnerability analysis was conducted together with the participants.
Simav Earthquake
Information sessions were provided in order to address non-structural risks and raise disaster awareness. We organized peer trainings to mitigate non-structural risks inside households. We reached out to 8,000 people via 29 peer trainers.
Van Earthquake
We conducted needs assessments in the immediate aftermath of Van earthquake. We distributed basic NFIs and food items to remote villages benefiting the least from aid activities. We managed to provide tenrs for 16 thousand, stoves for 2800 and blankets / winter clothing for 10 thousand people.
Without Kid’s Involved
We initiated a project together with The Governership of Ordu. The project aimed to keep children away from hazelnut groves, laying the foundation of our Child Labour Program.
IRAN, Tabriz Earthquake
After the earthquake in Tabriz, we helped improve the conditions for mediation in villages away from the center and distributed aid materials for winter preparation. We built shelters to compensate for the loss of animal husbandry, which is the main source of income for locals.
Refugee Support Program Started in Hatay
We started humanitarian aid programmes for the refugees who had to leave their houses as a result of the crisis in Syria and living outside the camps.
We opened our first Community Center in Hatay
We opened our first Community Center in Hatay’s Altınözü district with the aim of enabling access to basic rights and providing psycho-social social.
On April, Cash Assistance with E-Card projects started
We started the humanitarian aid project, which aims to provide communities affected by disaster with e-cards with a certain amount of cash for them to provide for their food and non-food basic needs.
Refugee support activities in Urfa began
We began acting as the executive partner of Civil Society Disaster Platform, which was established as part of STL’s Strengthening Civil Society Program.
When Syria Was Torn
A book featuring stories of families that arrived to Turkey was published with the interviews of Serdar Korucu and photography of Kerem Yücel.
This Is No Kid’s Play!
We raised awareness with our «THIS IS NO KID’S PLAY!» campaign, the aim of which was to defend children’s rights against discrimination. With 30,000 signatures, we got an investigation commission established within the Turkish parliament. The campaign had the support of 25 civil society organizations.
The Guest Exhition is held
On the 3rd anniversary the Syrian conflict, Kerem Yücel’s photography documenting the lives of the Syrians got showcased in an exhibition supported by STL.
Emergency Response for Syrian and Iraqi Refugees
We conducted emergency response operations for Syrian refugees in Suruç district of Şanlıurfa and displaced people living in Batman. We distributed winter clothes, kitchen equipment, blankets, stoves and food-packs containing fresh fruit.
We constructed private rooms for refugee families living in Batman refugee shelters in order to give them access to some privacy. We built two tandoori ovens for bread-baking.
We have developed the conditions of refugee camps by supplying wooden parquet and isolation carpets. We provided access to clean water by installing shower units, toilets, faucets and laundry areas.
CSDP Worked for Soma
Following the Soma disaster that cost the lives of 301 miners, STL conducted coordination and information activities.
Support to Life with E-Card project grew
Following Hatay And Şanlırufa, the E-Card project grew to include Batman and Diyarbakır.
We Organized the LateEarly Exhibition
We organized the LateEarly exhibition, which consists of photographs of families we reached as part of the Refugee Support Program, which we carry out in many different parts of Turkey. The exhibition, which hosted visitors for two weeks at Istanbul Caddebostan Cultural Center, was also exhibited at Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum in February.
Nepal Earthquake
Following the earthquake in Nepal, we initiated emergency response operations in collaboration with DKH.
World Humanitarian Summit
During the WHS, which was held in Istanbul this year, we launched «All Together, for All» campaign in collaboration with Idema Development News and helped make visible more than 200 organizations working with refugees in Turkey.
Livelihood Projects Began
We began 2 livelihood projects in Urfa and Hatay that will help refugees lead independent lives in the long run. With these, the refugees had access to certified vocational and language courses.
We brought Syrian NGOs Together
We concluded our Cash Assistance with E-Card projects
We concluded our E-card projects. The e-cards provided cash support to families and helped help them focus on mid to longterm solutions by covering their periodic winter needs and basic food needs.
Our Community Center number has reached four
By the end of the year, we had a total of four community centers in the cities of Istanbul, Hatay and Şanlıurfa, which we named Support to Life House.
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