A 17 year old refugee in Istanbul and a 17 year old local girl unite in this music video. Watch it and donate for more psycho-social support projects like this.

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Music heals and music unites.  This is exactly what happened during the Musical Reset project.  Aya, a refugee who has come to Istanbul when she was eight; and Aden, a born & raised Istanbul resident, has come together with music. Listen to them.  Feel the music. And show your support by donating, if you also think that it is the fundamental right of all children to be able to follow their dreams.

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“I feel the happiest when I am singing. I feel an urge to encourage all my peers to experience this  amazing  feeling.”   – ADEN TEZÖLMEZ

Aden created “Musical Reset” project to share her love of music with everyone, including  the children who come to our organization’s Küçükçekmece Support To Life House in Istanbul and to heal souls through music.

In the first leg of the project, refugee children with musical affinities were found through a network of music teachers and they were taken to a fun workshop trip:

They first visited the state-of-the-art music recording studio, Babajim Istanbul. They learned about the equipment and the recording processes.  Then, one by one, they experienced singing while being recorded professionally.

Right after the studio sessions, the kids were taken to receive a workshop to examine the sound-check process of a big rock concert (by Şebnem Ferah) that was to take place that evening. They learned about all the equipment and the whole concert preparation operation.  They were taken onto the center stage and they experienced the limelight, if only for a moment.

In the second leg of the project, Aden organized a 3-day music workshop in our Küçükçekmece Support To Life House with young children from the area.

Aden and Aya, who have met during this project, instantly developed a mutual affection.  This friendship led to the collaboration which culminated in this duet.

Now, Aden and Aya are calling for your support, so that projects like this can keep coming to light. Your donations will allow us to initiate more psycho-social projects that help underprivileged kids realize their potentials.

The Support to Life Organization, with field operations in multiple cities, will transform your donations into psycho-social support events that help underprivileged children socialize, obtain new skills, advance their personal developments and feel a vivid sense of direction.

With the wonderful voices of Aden & Aya and with your support, all children will experience childhood the way every child deserves.


Vocals: Aden & Aya
Song: Sil Baştan
Lyrics & Music: Şebnem Ferah
Music Production: Babajim İstanbul
Piano: Ozan Tügen
Guitar: Chris Wimmer
Recording: Arın Baykurt
Mix & Mastering: Tarkan Gözübüyük


Director: Charles Emir Richards
Production House: DCC Film
Producers: Kübra Eke, Ömer Abra
Director of Photography: Kerem Kuzey Çetin
Editing: Atakan Avcı
Color Correction: Ediz Saran
Production Manager: Şevki Arat
Production Assistant: Cihan Sarıboğa


Project Visionary and Ownership: Aden Tezölmez
Consultant: ANAVANA Thinkers & Doers
Coordination: Ceyla Altındiş
Execution: Support to Life Organization