New Solutions For ‘Wash’ Needs In Adiyaman

Humanitarian Aid, Interview
It has been almost a year since the February 6 earthquakes that shook 11 provinces in Türkiye. Ali Toprak, our Project Manager in Adıyaman, tells us about the project we launched with the support of World Vision Syria Response, to improve hygiene conditions in the earthquake region, which is still an urgent need, as well as to remedy the economic difficulties experienced by the people affected by the disaster. Adıyaman, located in the...
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Rebuilding Life in Hatay

Humanitarian Aid, Story
We are continuing our emergency efforts in Hatay that is one of the most gravely affected provinces from the earthquake; support lives of people affected from the earthquake prominently by meeting hygiene needs and improving shelter conditions*. The future is still unclear, life is still difficult, but the deep connection people of Hatay establish with each other and their provinces is sufficient for a gleam of hope. It is estimated that 2...
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