One year after the February 6 earthquakes, the most basic and urgent needs are still ongoing. As STL, we have been in the earthquake region since February 7th. We have been supporting the lives of people affected by the disaster in the earthquake region, especially in Hatay, Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya.

We are working to provide water and hygiene needs and improve shelter conditions, especially in temporary shelters in rural areas; we provide psychological and psychosocial support to adults and children affected by the disaster to help them overcome the trauma they have experienced. In the region where it is very difficult to access livelihoods, we implement income-generating projects with production opportunities such as sewing workshops, provide vocational trainings and create employment opportunities, especially for women. We provide micro-grant support for the improvement works carried out by local people through projects. We strengthen localization and host the Turkey Local NGO Humanitarian Forum (LHF), where civil society organizations working in the region come together.

After one year, there is still much work to do to rebuild life in the disaster zone.

We continue to believe in the healing power of solidarity and support life.

Our Adıyaman/Malatya Field Coordinator Asuman Şahin, Kahramanmaraş Field Coordinator Esin Demircioğlu and Hatay Emergency Project Manager Esat Batu draw attention to the current situation in the region on the anniversary of the earthquake.


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