Emel Şensezgin Mergen graduated from Istanbul High School (1979) and then Department of Industrial Engineering of Boğaziçi University (1984) and started her professional career in agricultural sector at ULTAR, where she became a partner in 1986. She then continued her career as a Total Quality Manager in the iron and steel industry. During the same period, she played an active role in the foundation of Turkish Quality Association and became one of the first auditors of Quality Award. Thanks to this process, she started to focus on consultancy sector in her career. She continued her career in civil society activities at the Beyaz Nokta Association, which works for the development of total quality understanding and problem solving ability in society. After five years of professional consulting at TMI, she set up her own company in 1998 with his partner. She is still a member of the Board of Directors of Şensezgin Kurmuş Danışmanlık Şirketi and continues to work as a consultant for the company. Emel Şensezgin Mergen is currently a member of IEL Association, Boğaziçi Graduates Initiative, PWN and Chair of the Supervisory Board of Support to Life.

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