Alper Buluş was born in 1975. His first humanitarian experience took place in the aftermath of 1999 Marmara Earthquake. After engaging in humanitarian work in different locations of the Marmara region, he continued delivering humanitarian aid in the aftermath of the 2001 earthquake that struck Gujarat region of India. As the U.S. bombed Afghanistan following the events of 9/11, he worked to deliver humanitarian aid to displaced people in Afghanistan. He has worked in Iran following the 2003 Bam Earthquake, as well as in Pakistan following the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005 and led humanitarian operations. Throughout these experiences, he has worked for Turkish-based and international humanitarian aid organizations.

Alper completed Bahçeşehir University’s department of Mechatronics Engineering studies in 2018. As of 2020, he is continuing the Emergency Response and Disaster Management program while developing various projects on emergency and disaster communication, and following up with innovations in the area of humanitarian aid.

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