Growing vegetable is a nice engagement and it will be good for our supper table too. Thanks to support to life, we now have a garden. We will be able to endure more hardships as our garden flourishes.

Mamoon, Syrian Refugee

Listening to music, signing, doing sports… these look like just fun and games but they are actually good for our soul. I forget about things that upset me when I sing. I feel young again when I play football, I feel powerful. The time I spend in the Support to Life house makes me enjoy living again.

Usame, Syrian Refugee

My kids both have bad eyesight. They have difficulty reading and seeing. I really want them to be able to go to school. Sometimes small things create a great impact. Support to Life helped them get glasses and they can go to school. They are both very good students, with very good grades. Our family’s future depends on them.

Samara, Syrian Refugee


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